Our Designs

Halo Design is our main brand and where our efforts are concentrated to innovate both from an aesthetic and functional point of view.

Every year the Halo Design collection expands to accommodate new ideas and innovative concepts. At the base of this work, there is the strong presence of Michael Waltersdorff, who since 1994 has personally committed himself to offer Halo Design’s customers a unique experience that improves their life through the quality of light.

A selection of our products


The apparently simple shape of the Bubbles lamps is actually a deep study of geometry, where proportions are balanced between the three spheres. View more


A series of lamps that combine traditional aesthetic elements with modern functionality and efficiency.
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Industrial design combined with exclusive marble and useful functionality. What’s more to say?
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Pivot is the culmination of a long phase of research and development to achieve a lamp that is both elegantly minimalistic and highly functional.
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A curvy shape and the contrast between metal and solid oiled wood gives this family of lamps a unique look. The inspiration for the design comes from the hourglass.
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A modern chandelier with a clean design and high-quality materials, featuring adjustable arms that allow you to shape it into different forms.
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A compact design made from noble materials. Orbit is all this and more: a family of lamps that incorporates a high technical level with an evocative and simple shape that recalls the perfect trajectories followed by the satellites.
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Wrong has a curious look that is difficult to express in words. The shape of the mouth blown opal glass is asymmetrical and changes continuously depending on the point of view of the observer.
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Frame combines in a compact body a highly efficient light with high quality materials. Details such as the internal fabric shade, the antique brass finish elements and the perforated sides make this family of lamps aesthetically unique. View more


A series of lamps, that is inspired by flaming torches, that light up the darkness. Torch gives as highly useable light, as both the pendant lamp and wall lamp, are equipped with the GU10 socket.
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The two lamps of the Bodø series are deliberately simple and reserved, focusing on details. The soft surface and round shape of the opal glass offers a functional and efficient light reflection.
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The Compass lamps combine multiple decorative light sources. The name of the family reflects the use of light sources spread on 360 degrees. Each light can be adjusted individually.
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DC is a family of lamps with a simple and Scandinavian inspired design, thanks to its round shapes and the combination of metal and wood.
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The Halo series is the result made by a special laser technique, where the aluminium is crafted with extreme precision. The details are often seen on old motorbikes.
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Oslo is a simple and elegant family of lamps made of metal and oak wood. The combination of the materials gives the lamps a minimalistic and Scandinavian look.
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The name of this series was inspired by the city of Århus in Denmark, referred to as ‘The City of Smiles’, featuring a smile shape in the upper part of the metal cover.
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Icicles forms when the conditions are right at winter, snow-covered trees and frozen water, and creates the most beautiful drops, from where we took the inspiration.
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A collection of accessories and gadgets that improve everyday life in compliance with the highest environmental standards.
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