Nivå is a series of lamps creating balance between the industrial vibe and nature. The metal shade and white lacquered inside surface ensure that the main part of the light is channeled in a straight direction. The lamps are decorated with a unique circle made of solid wood that ensures a nice transition, where the light will create an elegant stripe of light. The Nivå series comes in several variations; floor, wall and pendants in two sizes. All models are available in two colors as well; grey and black. Nivå is made with standard sockets in E27 and G9, we recommend using LED light bulbs from COLORS by Halo Design. Halo Design – We create light for those who care.


Pendant Ø24 og Ø14
Wall Ø24
Floor Ø24

Color combination

Grey, wood
Black, wood


Michael Waltersdorff & Emanuele Patton