The name of this series was inspired by the city of Århus, often referred to as ‘The City of Smiles’. Århus is the second largest city in Denmark. The lamps, in fact, have a shape that recalls a smile in the upper part of the metal cover which makes its appearance unique. The combination of the cylindrical wooden element with the metal cover offers not only an interesting aesthetic but also an additional functionality: the possibility of adjusting the direction of the shade in floor and table lamps.


Pendants Ø40, Ø24 and Ø18
Wall Ø18
Table Ø18 H35
Floor Ø40, Ø24, Ø18 and 2x Ø18 H132

Color combinations

White metal and mahogany wood
Black metal and mahogany wood
Grey metal and mahogany wood


Michael Waltersdorff and Emanuele Patton