Halo Design

Halo Design is our main brand and where our efforts are concentrated to innovate both from an aesthetic and functional point of view.


Every year the Halo Design collection expands to accommodate new ideas and innovative concepts. At the base of this work, there is the strong presence of Michael Waltersdorff, who since 1994 has personally committed himself to offer Halo Design’s customers a unique experience that improves their life through the quality of light.

A selection of our products



DC is a family of lamps with a simple and Scandinavian inspired design, thanks to its round shapes and the combination of metal and wood.
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Oslo is a simple and elegant family of lamps made of metal and oak wood. The combination of the materials gives the lamps a minimalistic and Scandinavian look.
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Icicles forms when the conditions are right at winter, snow-covered trees and frozen water, and creates the most beautiful drops, from where we took the inspiration.
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The name of this series was inspired by the city of Århus in Denmark, referred to as ‘The City of Smiles’, featuring a smile shape in the upper part of the metal cover.
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A modern chandelier with a clean design and high-quality materials, featuring adjustable arms that allow you to shape it into different forms.
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Fjord features an elegant shade that combines fine details with an industrial look. The openings on top of the lampshade, make it cast an upward decorative light.
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With its beautiful white opal glass and details in brushed metal, the Baroni series is a true classic yet modern at the same time.
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The Halo series is the result made by a special laser technique, where the aluminium is crafted with extreme precision. The details are often seen on old motorbikes.
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Ball Ball – as the name says this is a combination of two spheres, melted together in a sophisticated mouth blown glass.
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Damn Fashionista uses exclusive materials such as brass, faceted glass and marble and fits perfectly within the modern art deco style.
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Mush is a lamp with attitude and style. With its different shades of colour in the glass, the lamp can provide both bright and soft lighting.
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Inspired by early 20th-century industrial electrical devices, Radio is a decorative lamp that takes advantage of the low-glow light bulb with the highly visible filament.
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