The history – how it all began

The IQ light™ system was designed in 1972 by Danish designer Holger Strøm, who was then working at the Kilkenny Design Workshops, Ireland.

He was originally asked to create a modular construction for a cylindrical and a spherical lamp, both to appear to be the same size, to be used in a Christmas display.

“I constructed them from triangular modules, which I glued together, and by using an equal number of modules for the sphere and the cylinder, they did actually appear to be the same size. It was just a Christmas decoration, but I couldn’t completely forget the idea. I wanted to make it with a mechanical assembly system, and with identical modules.

“I used a rhomboid shape because, of the classic geometric shapes, it’s one that can give a most round form. I also realised that by giving the module a curl on each corner I could hook them together, but the result was a bit loose and floppy. So I lengthened the top and bottom of the rhombus, that gave them tension when they were hooked together, and it was that tension I needed for the lamp to hold together.”

Through the seventies it was manufactured by Kilkenny Illuminations Ltd, who sold around 20,000 lights worldwide.



22+ variants with just 1 module

IQlight® is a self assembly lighting system made up of interlocking quadrilaterals. Lamps of various shapes and sizes can be constructed by linking together the identical elements. The standard IQlight® pack contains 30 modules.

The variations shown below are proven variants using from 9 to 120 modules. Taking into consideration, that the IQlight® module is available in 6 sizes, that’s at least 132 different lamps you can make with IQlight®. But the only limit is your own imagination really. Play around with the small test modules included in the kit – perhaps you can create your very own and unique variant?

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