Morten Kjær Stovgaard

FURNID Design Studio, which consists of industrial designer Morten Kjær Stovgaard and furniture designer Bo Strange, has ‘inviting design’ as its trademark, understood as the ambition of designing well-balanced products. Furnid Design Studio develops designs based on everyday life with the goal of solving problems while adding an extra dimension that interacts with aesthetics, charm and functionality. They feed on the positive diversity of simple and complex challenges, and collaborations with companies such as Fredericia Furniture, Kähler, Stouby Furniture, Fritz Hansen and Add Interior have resulted in both national and international awards and honours, including Danish Designer of the Year 2011, the Bo Bedre Furniture Prize and a Red Dot Award.

‘We find it essential to develop products with substance that reach
beyond a certain artistic trend. By liberating ourselves from traditional
and conservative thinking, we strive to work with design as an art
form that originates from the poetic.’